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extreme goal is to deliver software that is needed when it is needed xp is best used by a small team of programmers between 2 and 12

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quotes from book jacket you may love xp or you may hate it but extreme

sams teach yourself extreme programming in 24 hours by stewart baird u2014 reviews discussion bookclubs lists

although the swcmm is described in a book of nearly 500 pages the for becoming a level 5 are concisely stated in 52

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with individuals on the team accepting for their own activities a large part of an agile work involves engaging in

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top 12 most relevant project management books you need to read to agile methods

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assumption of agile development is that the cost of change can be kept down kent beck wrote in his white book explaining extreme programming

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and the latest book by kent beck and martin fowler planning extreme programming

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agile teams are told to changeu201d which is the subtitle to kent becku0027s wonderful extreme programming explained book although an agile team can

you can read more about mob programming by getting the book on it here

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agile methods are founded upon making change easy this means that you need to have a code base thatu0027s amenable to change and the discipline to make changes

my framework is stronger than your framework part 2

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there are many different agile software development methods each of which is described below

the process framework used by your team is selected from a list of process frameworks displayed by the create team project wizard

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while kent beck was working at chrysler he developed the concept of extreme programming he published the method in as a book u2013 extreme programming

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with safari you learn the way you learn best get unlimited access to videos live online training learning paths books interactive tutorials and more

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top 32 agile books free u0026 paid to keep you ahead in agile management

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